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2016 : Arles #Contaminations 1 2017 : Avignon #Contaminations 2 2018 : Aix en Provence #Contaminations 3

The three parts of the project will each work independently but they will constitute a whole at the end of the project.

The main theme of the project still is the Place. For the 2nd part of the trilogy, two artists will contaminate the Celestine's Church, located on the Holy Bodies Square in Avignon. By conceiving this artistic project around the Contamination theme, Lucile Travert and Thibert Travert both assert their will to create strong proposals between the history of the place and their creations. They will lead us into exploring their production which will express and reveal themselves in the form of dialogues :

   -   A dialogue between the artworks and the spirit of the place
   -   A dialogue between the artworks themselves

Those "conversations" will resonate in a singular and original way with this symbolic place of the city of Avignon and of contemporary creation. The encounter between two artists never results of hazard. Moreover when the two artists are blood-related and that it is time for them to create around the fundamental notion of contemporary art that is the Contamination ! In the globalization era, contamination does not only mean the introduction of pathogens in a medium.

Lucile Travert and Thibert Travert will try to prove that a positive contamination is not only possible but also salutary. After the experimentation of the first episode of Contamination in the Van Gogh Space in Arles, #Contaminations 2 Avignon wishes to demonstrate how artists contaminate one another and how through this contamination they feed and enrich each other. A project of this nature, when it invites two artists who are a mother and her son, can only offer a peculiar, original and sensitive resonance to this encounter. The painter Lucile Travert and the audiophile Thibert Travert propose to the visitor a contemporary immersion between two artistic universes which converse through pictorial and  musical installations.  It is a singular questioning and novel feeling of Contamination that is expressed within the Celestine's Church around 3 angles :

   -   The posture of each artist as well as the way of impacting on each other according to peculiar means implemented.
   -   The influence that exists between the artists whether they are from the past or contemporary.
   -   The occupation of the space by the sounds and artworks within the Celestine's Church.

Thanks to an audio diffusion from multiple sources, Thibert Travert uses the space and the acoustic of the church. He offers the visitor a programmed and randomized conversation between the audio sources. The artworks of the painter and visual artist Lucile Travert, in osmosis with the architecture of the place, resonate with the sound installations of Thibert. As usual the two artists like to build specific projects within prestigious places and also create in-situ installations within urban spaces or landscapes. Thanks to their creations Lucile Travert and Thibert Travert aspire to generously contaminate the present audience, whether they are insiders or neophytes.

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