Les Polyptyques Indigo et Or



Time is slipping away…

The artworks presented at the International Forum of Vegetal Color have been created with indigo, a pigment paste harvested from the Persicaria tinctoria that had been planted by Couleur Garance.

The indigo was laid on bit by bit, mixed with gold dust.

This natural indigo, the "new blue gold", has highlighted a graphism made with a feather on Japanese papers which were then transferred on a linen cloth.

The Blue Gold set is made of 4 paintings : Act I, Act II, Act III, Act IV.

This polyptych is connected with the exhibition's theme : time is slipping away…

From the Act I to the Act IV, the indigo progressively covers all the graphic shapes of the bodies. Life goes on, time is slipping away, the bodies disappear under a blue gold skin.

The texts on the lower parts of the paintings are extracted from the Confessions of Saint Augustin (354-430) who wrote that every man ha to discover the truth of time in its subjectivity rather than in the outwardness of the world.

Those writings are copied out, transferred upside-down until they are erased…

"Three times exist : the present of the past, the present of the present, the present of the future. Those three times exist in our mind and I can't see them elsewhere. The present of the past is the memory, the present of the present is the direct intuition, the present of the future is the wait."


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