The Riens' Era

Exhibition's commisionner : M. Robert Maestre

Artwork made for the 1st International Symposium of Painting Paul Ricard -  from the 26th to the 31st of July 2010
Technique : oil painting, glaze, ink, transfer, engraving
size : 146 x114 cm

After many wanderings on the island, Lucile Travert chose to work on the reconciliation of the eroded rocks of one of the slopes of the island and the "silhouette" of these as sedimented bodies. After several sketches "on the pattern", I also approached the double visual feeling of the rock / body silhouette by the execution of monotypes.  These paper achievements were then transferred on linen cloth. The iconographic documents evoke Paul Ricard's portrait and his legend of the lone sheep, the sole inhabitant of the island he was discovering but also navigational signs such as nautical maps, cardinal points, compasses…
Finally, the implemented chromatic approach calls for saturated, powerful and contrasted colors, those of an intense light of July on an island surrounded by the water of the Mediterranean Sea.



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