In the beginning of the 2000's, Lucile Travert settles her workplace in Lauris a small village in the south of the Luberon. In the castle's courtyard, filled by history, her artwork and studies have sharpened up.

Lucile gladly welcome each visitor inside her studio, with generosity and empathy, willing to offer to any mind, no matter it's thinking, the possibility to apprehend her artwork.

How could it be any different ?

Lucile is involved and interested in the surrounding world, arts and new encounters. Talking is easy, natural and with all due modesty. One walks through her studio's door, realizes and ascertains that Art is not an insider's privilege.

In her village she is a familiar figure that is easily recognized, wearing her working apron, cycling down the streets on her bicycle or talking with the village elders who are watching the flight of time, in the shadow of the walls of her workshop.


The little corner of the card-painting in her workshop. Elsewhere, it's paint and pigment straight on the floor of the place.

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Atelier cour du ch√Ęteau
84360 Lauris en Luberon